Not all applications are as easy as its creators make them out to be, despite the initial helpful guidelines they give at the start up. Even Facebook took a little while for people to catch up to, but once they did it drove Orkut out of business. The key to the installation process for spy apps for Android is patience and persistence. Read the instructions carefully, follow them through patiently and, if you still fail or have some trouble due to a lack of clarity, then try again persistently. You should get the hang of it the first time around, as long as you understand the instructions first and then follow them.

Where to Start When Installing the Android Spy Software?

Different Android spy apps may have different set ups and different interfaces, but most of them follow the same general installation and setup procedure. First thing to remember is to have the phone you wish to spy on at hand, and secondly, make sure that your phone and the target phone are both compatible with each other in terms of the software. Once these have been established, choose an app that you prefer, make any required payments, and download it. Set up your account on the app, and then download the app on the target phone as well.

The application will ask you to create a unique ID, for which it will give you easy to follow instructions. Whizz through those, and you will get closer to the finish line. After that all you need to do is restart the target device and everything should be perfectly setup. Henceforth, you will only need to log into your account and be able to keep an eye on the other phone. However, it is crucial that you understand the instructions well before setting out to install the Android spy software.

Where to Seek Help for Problems with the Android Spy App?

If, despite patience and persistence, you are continuing to have a hard time installing the spy software for Android, then you may want to consider some help; especially, if you have specific questions for a specific issue that you are having. The first thing you can do is send them an email with your inquiry, and wait for them to get back to you. However, if your problem is more urgent or you don’t have time to wait then, there should be a helpline number on which you could contact the tech support team.

How Long does it take to Install the Spy App for Android?

The entire process, with or without hiccups, can take up to a good half an hour. So, when you set about installing the app, make sure that you can safely and easily keep the target phone with you for that long a time period. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you go through the instructions of the installation process first and clarify them in your mind, and then embark on actually performing the installation.