With so much content, appropriate and inappropriate, freely available on the internet to be consumed by young and impressionable minds, it is certainly wise to take steps to protect your child from it before they come of age. No matter how hard you try, there is always something new that the child can use to hide things in their phone, or apply a security code to maintain their privacy. Certainly there are other kinds of content that appears as ads but has the wrong kind of message being given across.

This is where the Android spy software steps in and gives you an extra set of eyes, not literally for that would make you seem like an alien, but more literally in virtual space. There are innumerable software of this variety each catering to different cell phone software and the different requirements of the users. When using spy apps for Android, it is crucial that you begin with the basics and educate yourself about the application prior to download. Once you are fully aware of the installation procedure and the application usage, only then venture into installing it in both phones as per the instructions.

How Does the Software Help Protect My Child?

The spy software performs on various different levels on the child’s device and reports the data gathered back to you so you may review it and know if there’s some action that you need to take in guiding your child or removing that content from their phone. A detailed list of the tasks that the free spy app for Android provides includes GPS tracking of their whereabouts, text messaging that they indulge in on any virtual platform, recordings of calls and logging of any photos or videos among others.

Seeing these features, you can see the handiness of the application. If you check the location they are at, you have proof of whether they told you the truth about where they were going or not. If not, then you can still keep an eye on them to know that they are not in a place they shouldn’t be. With some Android spy software you can very proactively stop certain actions on your child’s phone such as websites that they have visited in the past that you deem inappropriate for their age, or if they are talking about drugs and alcohol you will know who they are getting those things from and restrain their interaction with that person.

The Pitfalls of not having Android Spy Software

Without the spy application, the dangers are imminent of your children running into harm’s way. Obviously you can’t stop them from making every kind of mistake, a harmless crush may well be allowed. However, if it seems like the crush is not the right person and taking your child down the pit hole with them it might be time to take action. All the spy software does is aid you in being a more proactive parent who takes the extra step to take care of their child.